Marstrand Posters

Marstrand Posters from Swedish artist Niklas Amundson. Enjoy unique a high quality print/poster from the pearl Marstrand, on the west coast of Sweden. Shipping, trade and fishing were previously the city’s main industries, but fishing has gone up and down sharply in line with the supply of herring, which has controlled the city’s economy. Marstrand has been affected by war several times during both Danish-Norwegian and Swedish times. The traditional industries declined sharply during the 19th century, but at the same time Marstrand became one of the country’s earliest and most popular seaside resorts, which gained extra high status thanks to King Oscar II’s annual visit. As the traffic was increasingly moved from the sea road to the country road, this was to the great detriment of the city, which hit the island’s industry hard.

Marstrandsön has a wooden house town which in the summers today is a significant tourist destination and Sweden’s sailing metropolis. Marstrand is the annual starting point for the Marstrand Regatta, Match Cup Sweden and other major sailing championships. The town has significant commuting to Gothenburg. When I’m not on Mallorca, I’m spending my time painting and making posters in Marstrand.

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